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Past Colloquia


October 2,

"What do we Measure When we Measure Behavior, e.g. Agression?"

Helen Longino
University of Minnesota

October 9:

"Designing Components and Composing Design: Supplier Relations and Application Engineering in the Early U.S. Automobile Industry"

Jeffrey Yost
University of Minnesota

October 30

"The Normal Genome in Twentieth-Century Evolutionary Thought"

Lisa Gannett
Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science

November 6

"Explicative Research Strategies and Their Alternatives - Simplicity as an Example"

Ilkka Kieseppä
Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science

November 13

"The Curious Ways of Bohm's Theory"

Jeffrey Barrett
University of California-Irvine

November 20

"Science Studies: The Good, the Bad and the Awful"

Noretta Koertge
Indiana University

April 9, 1999

"Machines Who Teach: A Brief History of Computers in Education"

Robert Seidel
University of Minnesota

April 16

"Realism, Pluralism, and Biological Classification"

Marc Ereshefsky University of Calgary

April 30

"On the Theoretical Role of 'Genetic Coding"

Peter Godfrey-Smith

Stanford University

May 14

"Mendel's Mistake?"

Douglas Allchin
University of Minnesota

May 28

"Science and Technology in the Making (STIM): Media-Intensive Tools for Teaching and Research in the History of Recent Science and Technology"

Timothy LenoirStanford University


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