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Past Colloquia


October 8

"Beyond the Gene but Beneath the Skin"

Evelyn Fox Keller
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

October 15

"Scientific Perspectives"

Ronald N. Giere
University of Minnesota

October 29

"Do Minds Speed Up Evolution?"

Steve Downes
University of Utah

November 12

"Sewing Up the Mind: The Claims of Evolutionary Psychology"

Barbara H. Smith
Duke University

November 19:

"Multiple Realizability and Universality"

Robert Batterman
Ohio State University

February 4, 2000

"As the Worm Turns: Conceptual Changes in Modeling C. elegans"

Rachel Ankeny
Department of Philosophy,
Connecticut College

February 18

" 'Metaphysics' - 'Physics' = Something I Know Not What"

Michael Dickson
Department of History and Philosophy of Science,
Indiana University, Bloomington

March 17

"The Mechanical Structure of Neuroscientific Theory"

Carl Craver

Department of Philosophy,
Florida International University

April 7

"Model Organisms and the Human Genome Project"

David Botstein

Department of Genetics, Stanford University


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