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Past Colloquia


September 28,

"Illegal Explanation: The Mechanist Alternative"

William Bechtel
Department of Philosophy,
Washington University, St. Louis

October 5

"The Limits of Ecology and the Re/Construction of Unruly Complexity"

Peter Taylor
Critical and Creative Thinking Program, University of Massachusetts, Boston

October 12

"What is the Value of Research? Protecting Human Subjects at the Frontiers of Biomedical Science"

David Magnus
Center for Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania

November 9

"Space and Geometry in Eighteenth Century Scotland: Reid's "Geometry of Visibles", Conventionalism, and a bit of Hume"

Edward Slowik
Department of Philosophy,
Winona State University

February 8, 2002

"2-D Modal Logic and the History of Science"

Paul Griffith

Department of History and Philosophy of Science

February 22

"Racial Politics in Residential Segregation Studies"

Ronald Sundstrom
Department of Philosophy, University of Memphis

March 1

"Leibniz's Concept of Organic Body"

Francois Duchesneau

University of Montreal

April 5

"Biology and Mathematics: A Clash of Cultures?"

Evelyn Fox Keller

Program in Science and Technology Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology & 
Winton Chair in Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota

May 3

"Causation. One Word, Many Things"

Nancy Cartwright

Center for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science, London School of Economics & 

Department of Philosophy,
University of California-San Diego



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