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Past Colloquia


September 17,

"De-idealizing Truth"

Paul Teller
Department of Philosophy
University of California, Davis

October 4 (Monday)

"The Use of Alchemy to Establish the Limits of Science: From the Middle Ages to the President's Council on Bioethics""

William Newman
Department of History and Philosophy of Science,
Indiana University, Bloomington

October 8

"Eugenics and its Opposition, 1910-1945: What Have We Learned?"

Garland E. Allen
Department of Biology, Washington University-St. Louis

November 5

"Structure and Perspective: How Far Does Realism Reach?"

Bas C. van Fraassen
Department of Philosophy,
Princeton University

January 21, 2005

"The Emotional Basis of Morals"

Jesse Prinz

Department of Philosophy,
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

February 4

"Is Natural Selection a Mechanism?"

Roberta Millstein
Department of Philosophy,
California State University, Hayward

February 11

"Collections or Collectives? Pluralism and Causation in the Group Selection Debate"

Benjamin Kerr 

Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior,

University of Minnesota

April 1

"The Appropriate Kind of Structure: Putting Science Back into Philosophy of Science"

Elaine Landry

Department of Philosophy,
University of Calgary

April 8

"Postgenomic Futures: Translations Across The Machine-Nature Border In Systems Biology"

Joan Fujimura

Department of Sociology 
 Robert and Jean Holtz Center for 
Research in Science and Tech. Studies, 
University of Wisconsin-Madison

April 29

"Preserving Philosophical Polemics for Pedagogical Purposes"

Richard Duschl

Department of Learning and Teaching,
Rutgers University


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