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Past Colloquia


September 21,

"Fleck and Kuhn on Scientific Change"

Staffan Mueller-Wille
The ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society (EGENIS),
University of Exeter

October 5

"Three Kinds of Idealization"

Michael Weisberg
Department of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania

October 8

"Causation in Biology: Stability, Specificity, and the Choice of Levels of Explanation"

James Woodward
Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences, California Institute of Technology

November 2

"Representation vs Ontology in Mathematics"

Kenneth Manders
Department of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh

December 7

"Bold Leaps: Guesses or Inferences? Analogical Reasoning in Science"

Laura Snyder
Department of Philosophy, St. John's University

December 10

"Relativism and Its Discontents"

Giovanni Giorgini
Department of Ancient History, University of Bologna

January 25, 2008

"What is Empirical Testing?"

Michael Strevens
Department of Philosophy, New York University

February 29

"Stratifying a Population By Race"

Michael D Root
Department of Philosophy, University of Minnesota

March 28

"Race, Medicine, and Money: Contextualizing the Emergence of 'Ethnic' Drugs"

Jonathan Kahn
School of Law,
Hamline University

April 4

"On Reflection (...more or less)"

John Doris
Department of Philosophy, Washington University

April 25

"Maupertuis on attraction as an inherent property of matter"

Lisa Downing
Department of Philosophy, The Ohio State University

May 9

First Annual Science Studies Symposium:
"Thinking Through Science: Philosophical Perspectives on Biology, Geography and History"

Spring Science Studies Symposium of McKnight Summer Fellows, University of Minnesota

"Temporal Dimensions of Reductionism in Biology"

Alan C. Love
Department of Philosophy

"Cartographic Knowledge and Emerging Dutch Colonialism: the View from Population Biology"

Arun Saldanha
Department of Geography

"Galileo without Modernity? Preliminary Reflections on the Project of Writing Galileo Today"

J. B. Shank
Department of History

"Getting Real about Genetics and Genomics: An Antirealist Perspective"

C. Kenneth Waters
Department of Philosophy



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