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Previous Biological Interest Group—Works in Gestation discussion topics

Spring 2016

January 26: organizational meeting
February 4: Dresow, M "Backreading the Origin of Species: Populations, lineages and the perils of hindsight."
February 25: Kreig K. "George Meredith, Karl Pearson and Modeling a 'Larger Self'"
March 24: The metaphysics of natural selection and Denis Walsh's argument for 'situated Darwinism'
April 7: Zvereva, Kseniya, "Attributions of Malfunction in the Context of Clinical Medicine."

Fall 2015

September 14: Max Dresow's Master's work.
September 21: Discussion of draft paper "Multicellularity as a key innovation facilitating adaptive radiation" by Rebolleda-Gomez, M; Ratcliff, W.C.; J. Fankhauser; M. Travisano
September 28: " Adaptationism and the Logic of Research Questions: How to think clearly about evolutionary causes" by Elisabeth A. Lloyd. preprint.
October 5: Kele Cable, History of Biology Prelim Paper.
October 12: Will Bausman "False Models for Fecund Research Programmes
Or: What to argue about when you argue about the neutral theory of ecology"
October 19: Jack Powers (practice talk) "Community-Based Participatory Research and Industrially-Toxified Scientific Debates"
October 26: Discussion of "Conceptual fragmentation and the rise of eliminativism" by J.H. Taylor and Peter Vickers (2015) [preprint], led by Jack Powers
November 2: Max Dresow (paper) "'The organismic conception of life': Ludwig Bertalanffy and the birth of organismic systems biology"
November 9: Discussion of "Models and fiction" by Roman Frigg (2010), led by Kate Krieg
November 23: Discussion of "Selection among 'species': a formulation in terms of natural functional units" by John Damuth (1985)

Spring 2015

January 22: This week will discuss a paper that Emmie Miller is working on: a review on diversity titled " Philosophy of Biodiversity: Valuing Life without Measure". I am also sending a list of optional readings for those particularly interested in the topic... 

Morgan, Gregory J. “The Many Dimensions of Biodiversity” (Review of Maclaurin and Sterelny's What is Biodiversity?)
Oksanen, Markku. "Biodiversity Considered Philosophically" in Philosophy and Biodiversity (2007) 
Sarkar, Sahotra. "Defining Biodiversity; Assessing Biodiversity" (2002)
Soule, Michael. "What is conservation biology?" (1985)

January 29: Max Dresow will present some ideas on "Random drift" and the new William Provine book. He will guide us through the book's argument and then give his points of view.
Provine, W. B. (2014). The "Random Genetic Drift" fallacy". (self-published). 
If you are not too familiar with the ideas of drift or want to know the subject these papers will be helpful  
1. Sewall Wright's "Evolution in Mendelian Populations" (the relevant chapter is "Random variation in gene frequency")
2. Anya Plutynski, A. "Drift: A Historical and Conceptual Overview".
The chapter on "Random Drift" by John Beatty in "Keywords in evolutionary biology" is also a good source. 

February 5: More on "Random Drift". Some questions and topics that came out of last week's presentation were: the causal power of natural selection and drift? Does this distinction matter for biologists? How? What is its impact in the way we teach/learn population genetics and evolution? How does this debate relates to the rhetorical devices used in Evo-Devo to justify a "new synthesis"? 
This meeting will be held on the St Paul campus in 200 Ecology.

February 12: No meeting

February 19: Kele Cable will be introducing his work "The Intersection of Evolution and Experiment in Philosophy". The meeting will be held in Heller Hall.

February 26: Kele Cable "Experimental Evolution in the Early Twentieth Century" This meeting will be held on the St Paul campus in 200 Ecology.

March 5: Maria Rebolleda-Gomaez. First and secpond Spinoza Lectures by Dupré, J. The Constituents of Life pp 11–32, 35–55. The meeting will be held in Heller Hall. (pdf)

March 12: Maria Rebolleda-Gomaez. Second draft of "Characterizations of modularity: an Evo-Devo approach to transitions of individuality" (pdf)
This meeting will be held on the St Paul campus in 200 Ecology.

March 19: No meeting Spring Break

March 26: No Meeting

April 2: Jack Powers and Gaby Huelgas Morales will lead a discussion on  Waters, C.K. (2004). "What concept analysis in philosophy of science should be (and why competing philosophical analyses of gene concepts cannot be tested by polling scientists)" History and philosophy of the life sciences, 29–58.

April 9: (Heller Hall): William Bausman (Philosophy) will be presenting a paper he wrote with Marta Halina titled "Not Null Enough: Causal Null Hypotheses in Community Ecology and Comparative Psychology". He also sent a background reading (optional) on Natural Selection and null hypotheses by John Beatty. (pdf)

April 16: (St. Paul Campus): William Bausman (Philosophy) TBD

April 23: (Heller Hall): Katelin Krieg (English) will be talking about one of her dissertation chapters titled: “Against Empirical Literalism: Ruskin, Darwin and Looking Beneath Surfaces”

April 30: (Heller Hall): Jack Powers (Philosophy) "Criteria of characterizational adequacy and atrazine research"

May 7:

Fall 2014

We will dedicate most of September to read about levels of selection and transitions of individuality, ending with a draft of a paper I have been working on titled "Modularity and Transitions of Individuality". 

September 11: Gould, S.J. (1998) Gulliver's Further Travels: The Necessity and Difficulty of a Hierarchical Theory of Selection. Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences 353: 307–314 (pdf)

September 18:  Kerr, B. & Godfrey-Smith, P. (2002). Individualist and Multi-level Perspectives on Selection in Structured Populations. Biology and Philosophy 17: 477–517. (pdf)

September 25: Michod, R.E. & Roze, D. (2001).Cooperation and conflict in the evolution of multicellularity. Heredity 86:1–7 (pdf)
Okasha, S. (2005) Multilevel Selection and the Major Transitions in Evolution. Philosophy of Science 72:1013–1025 (pdf)

October 2: Rebolleda-Gomez, M. Modularity and Transitions of Individuality (manuscript in preparation)

October 9: Rosslenbroich, B. (2009) The theory of increasing autonomy in evolution: a proposal for understanding macroevolutionary innovations. Biol. Philos. 24:623–644. (pdf). Remeber that the meeting time has changed to 2:45–3:45 pm.

October 16: No meeting

October 23: Winther, R.G. (2011) Part-whole Science. Synthese 178:397–427. (pdf)

October 30: Huxley J. S. (1926). The Biological Basis of Individuality. Journal of Philosophical Studies 1(3): 305-319. (pdf)

November 6: No meeting

November 13: Fletcher Jr, R.J., Revell, A., Reichert, B.E., Kitchens, W.M., Dixon, J.D. and Austin, J.D. (2013) Network modularity reveals critical scales for connectivity in ecology and evolution Nature Communications DOI: DOI:10.1038/ncomms3572 (pdf)

November 20: Love, A.C. (2006) "Evolutionary morphology and Evo-devo: Hierarchy and novelty" Theory in Biosciences 124: 317–333. (pdf)

December 4: Hacking, I. (1991) "A Tradition of Natural Kinds" Philosophical Studies 61: 109–126. (pdf)

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