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Foundations Interest Group

Meeting time: 4:00–6:00 pm Thursdays

Meeting place: 737 Heller Hall

The foundations interest group (FIG) reads and discusses works of mutual interest in the philosophy and foundations of mathematics and in the philosophy of logic. We select readings for a variety of reasons: to keep up on the most exciting developments in the field, to help participants scrutinize literature relevant to research, to provide feedback on works in progress being written by FIG, to revisit classic articles in the literature, and sometimes just to have fun discussing a topic related to the foundations of mathematics and the philosophy of logic.

Our meetings are informal and some participants need to arrive late or leave early because of scheduling conflicts. All faculty and graduate students from the University of Minnesota and area colleges and universities are welcome to attend whenever they would like (without invitation) and without giving advanced notice. Undergraduates are included by invitation. If you know of an undergraduate who is well suited and possibly interested, please contact Roy T. Cook so an invitation can be extended.

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Spring 2018

This semester FIG will be reading "Abstractionism: Essays in Philosophy of Mathematics" edited by Philips A. Ebert and Marcus Rossberg. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016.

January 18: Organizational meeting

January 25: Ebert, Philip A. and Rossberg, Marcus 2016. "Abstractionism: Essays in Philosophy of Mathematics" Oxford: Oxford University Press. Chapter 1 Introduction and Chapter 2 Caesar and Circularity, pp 349.

February 1: Chapter 3 "The Existence (and Non-existence) of Abstract Objects", Richard Heck.

February 8: Chapter 4 "Hale and Wright on the Metaontology of Neo-Fregeanism", Matti Eklund

February 15: Chapter 5 “Neo-Fregean Ontology: Just Don't Ask Too Many Questions” Fraser MacBride

February 22: Chapter 6 “The Number of Planets, a Number-Referring Term?” Friederike Moltmann

March 1: Chapter 7 “A Framework for Implicit Definitions and the A Priori” Philip A. Ebert

March 8: Chapter 8 “Abstraction and Epistemic Entitlement: On the Epistemological Status of Hume's Principle” Crispin Wright

March 15: No meeting Spring Break

March 22: Chapter 9 "Hume’s Principle and Entitlement: On the Epistemology of the Neo-Fregean Program" Nikolaj Jang Lee Linding Pedersen

March 29: Chapter 10 "Neo-Fregeanism Reconsidered" Agustín Rayo

April 5: Chapter 11 "Conservativeness, Cardinality, and Bad Company" Roy T. Cook

April 12: Chapter 12 "Impredicativity in the Neo-Fregean Program" Øystein Linnebo

April 19: Chapter 13 "Abstraction Grounded: A Note on Abstraction and Truth" Hannes Leitgeb

April 26: No meeting

May 3: Chapter 14 "Ineffability within the Limits of Abstraction Alone" Stewart Shapiro and Gabriel Uzquiano

May 10: Chapter 15 "On Frege's Applications Constrain", Paul McCallion

Fall 2017

This Fall, FIG will be meeting in conjunction with PHIL8220 in 731 Heller Hall. Readings and information can be found on the course page. Contact Geoffrey Hellman for more details.

Special extra meeting

December 1: Berenstain, N. 2017. "The applicability of mathematics to physical modality" Synthese 194:3361–3377

Previous Foundations Interest Group Discussion Topics

For more information, please contact Roy T. Cook or Janet McKernan.

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