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Foundations Interest Group

Meeting time: 4:00–6:00 pm Wednesdays

Meeting place: 737 Heller Hall

The foundations interest group (FIG) reads and discusses works of mutual interest in the philosophy and foundations of mathematics and in the philosophy of logic. We select readings for a variety of reasons: to keep up on the most exciting developments in the field, to help participants scrutinize literature relevant to research, to provide feedback on works in progress being written by FIG, to revisit classic articles in the literature, and sometimes just to have fun discussing a topic related to the foundations of mathematics and the philosophy of logic.

Our meetings are informal and some participants need to arrive late or leave early because of scheduling conflicts. All faculty and graduate students from the University of Minnesota and area colleges and universities are welcome to attend whenever they would like (without invitation) and without giving advanced notice. Undergraduates are included by invitation. If you know of an undergraduate who is well suited and possibly interested, please contact Roy T. Cook so an invitation can be extended.

Spring 2017

This semester the Foundations Interest Group will be reading Robert Hale and Aviv Hoffman's Modality: Metaphysics, Logic, and Epistemology (2010 Oxford: Oxford University Press, ISBN-13: 978-0199565818, ISBN-10: 0199565813 )

January 18: Organizational meeting

January 25: Chapter 1: Merely Possible Propositions, Robert Stalnaker

February 1: Chapter 2: Logical Necessity, Ian Rumfitt

February 8: Chapter 3: Semantic Necessity, Kit Fine

February 15: Chapter 4: Modal Logic within Counterfactual Logic, Timothy Williamson

February 22: Chapter 5: Is Timothy Williamson a Necessary Existent?, David Efird

March 29: Chapter 6: Metaphysical Dependence: Grounding and Reduction, Gideon Rosen

March 8: Chapter 7: On the Source of Necessity, Ross Cameron

March 15: No meeting

March 22: Chapter 8: The Reality of Modality, Anna Sherratt

March 29: Chapter 9: IBE, GMR, and Metaphysical Projects, Scott Shalkowksi

April 5: Chapter 10: Modal Commitments, John Divers

April 12: Chapter 11: Permission and (So-Called Epistemic) Possibility, Stephen Yablo

April 19: Chapter 12: Possible Worlds and the Necessary A Posteriori, Frank Jackson

April 26: Chapter 13: Apriorism about Modality, Scott Sturgeon

May 3: Forbes, Dylan, (Draft paper) Sameness Between Fictions and the Metaphysics of Adaptation (pdf)

Fall 2016

We will read the new volume in the Minnesota Studies in Philosophy of Science on the mathematization of nature (a bit more historical than we've done in a while, which will be a good thing)

The Language of Nature: Reassessing the Mathematization of Natural Philosophy in the Seventeenth Century. 2015. Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science Volume 20. Eds. Geoffrey Gorham, Benjamin Hill, Edward Slowik, and C. Kenneth Waters. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press

September 8: Semester organizational meeting

September 15: Reading the Book of Nature: The Ontological and Epistemological Underpinnings of Galileo’s Mathematical Realism”
Carla Rita Palmerino

September 22: ‘The Marriage of Physics with Mathematics’: Francis Bacon on Measurement, Mathematics and the Construction of a Mathematical Physics
Dana Jalobeanu

September 29: On the Mathematization of Free Fall: Galileo, Descartes, and a History of Misconstrual
Richard Arthur

October 6: The Mathematization of Nature in Descartes and the First Cartesians
Roger Ariew

October 13: Laws of Nature and the Mathematics of Motion
Daniel Garber

October 20: No Meeting

October 27: Ratios, Quotients, and the Language of Nature
Douglas Jesseph

November 3: Color By Numbers: The Harmonious Palette in Early Modern Painting
Eileen Reeves

November 10: The Role of Mathematical Practitioners and Mathematical Practice in developing Mathematics as the Language of Nature
Lesley Cormack

November 17: Leibniz on Order and the Notion of Substance: Mathematizing the Sciences of Metaphysics and Physics
Kurt Smith

November 24: No Meeting

December 1: Leibniz’s Harlequinade: Nature, Infinity, and the Limits of Mathematization
Justin H. E. Smith

December 8: The Geometrical Method as a New Standard of Truth, based on the Mathematization of Nature
Ursula Goldenbaum

December 15: Philosophical Geometers and Geometrical Philosophers
Christopher Smeenk

Previous Foundations Interest Group Discussion Topics

For more information, please contact Roy T. Cook or Janet McKernan.

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