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Individuality and Modularity Interest Group

Meeting time: Thursday afternoons throughout the semester at 2:45–3:45 pm.
Meeting place: Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science library,
737 Heller Hall.

The Individuality and Modularity Interest Group is a graduate student seminar on individuality, organismality, modularity and levels of selection organized by Maria Rebolleda-Gomez. Please contact her for more information.

Spring 2015

January 22:

January 29:

February 5:

February 12:

February 19:

February 26:

March 5:

March 12:

March 19: No meeting Spring Break

March 26:

April 2:

April 9:

April 16:

April 23:

April 30:

May 7:

Fall 2014

We will dedicate most of September to read about levels of selection and transitions of individuality, ending with a draft of a paper I have been working on titled "Modularity and Transitions of Individuality". 

September 11: Gould, S.J. (1998) Gulliver's Further Travels: The Necessity and Difficulty of a Hierarchical Theory of Selection. Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences 353: 307–314 (pdf)

September 18:  Kerr, B. & Godfrey-Smith, P. (2002). Individualist and Multi-level Perspectives on Selection in Structured Populations. Biology and Philosophy 17: 477–517. (pdf)

September 25: Michod, R.E. & Roze, D. (2001).Cooperation and conflict in the evolution of multicellularity. Heredity 86:1–7 (pdf)
Okasha, S. (2005) Multilevel Selection and the Major Transitions in Evolution. Philosophy of Science 72:1013–1025 (pdf)

October 2: Rebolleda-Gomez, M. Modularity and Transitions of Individuality (manuscript in preparation)

October 9: Rosslenbroich, B. (2009) The theory of increasing autonomy in evolution: a proposal for understanding macroevolutionary innovations. Biol. Philos. 24:623–644. (pdf). Remeber that the meeting time has changed to 2:45–3:45 pm.

October 16: No meeting

October 23: Winther, R.G. (2011) Part-whole Science. Synthese 178:397–427. (pdf)

October 30: Huxley J. S. (1926). The Biological Basis of Individuality. Journal of Philosophical Studies 1(3): 305-319. (pdf)

November 6: No meeting

November 13: Fletcher Jr, R.J., Revell, A., Reichert, B.E., Kitchens, W.M., Dixon, J.D. and Austin, J.D. (2013) Network modularity reveals critical scales for connectivity in ecology and evolution Nature Communications DOI: DOI:10.1038/ncomms3572 (pdf)

November 20: Love, A.C. (2006) "Evolutionary morphology and Evo-devo: Hierarchy and novelty" Theory in Biosciences 124: 317–333. (pdf)

December 4: Hacking, I. (1991) "A Tradition of Natural Kinds" Philosophical Studies 61: 109–126. (pdf)

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