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Volume IX

Prelims/Index (PDF)

On the Forms of Mental Representation (PDF)
Herbert A. Simon

Imagery and Artificial Intelligence (PDF)
Zenon W. Pylyshyn

Is There Mental Representation? (PDF)
Gilbert Harman

Machine Perception: What Makes it so Hard for Computers to See? (PDF)
Walter Reitman, Robert Nado and Bruce Wilcox

Perceiving, Anticipating, and Imagining (PDF)
Ulric Neisser

The Role of the Percept in Visual Cognition (PDF)
Fred Dretske

Apprehending Pictorial Events: An Instance of Psychological Cohesion (PDF)
James J. Jenkins, Jerry Wald And John B. Pittenger

The Psychological Unreality of Quantificational Semantics (PDF)
Edwin Martin, Jr

Infinite Sets, Unbound Competences, and Models of Mind (PDF)
Robert Schwartz

Toward a Cognitive Theory of Consciousness (PDF)
Daniel C. Dennett

Computation and Reduction (PDF)
J. A. Fodor

Troubles with Functionalism (PDF)
Ned Block

Tryouts Toward the Production of Thought (PDF)
Leonard Uhr

Rigid Designators and Mind-Brain Identity (PDF)
Grover Maxwell

An Evolutionary Naturalist Realist Doctrine of Perception and Secondary Quantities (PDF)
Clifford Hooker

On the Status of "Direct" Psychophysical Measurement (PDF)
Roger N. Shepard

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