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Volume X

Prelims/Index (PDF)

On Testing and Evidence (PDF)
Clark Glymour

Theory Comparison and Relevant Evidence (PDF)
Bas C. van Fraassen

Bootstrapping without Bootstraps (PDF)
Aron Edidin

Explanations of Irrelevance (PDF)
Paul Horwich

Why Glymour Is a Bayesian (PDF)
Roger Rosenkrantz

Old Evidence and Logical Omniscience in Bayesian Confirmation Theory (PDF)
Daniel Garber

Bayesianism with a Human Face (PDF)
Richard Jeffrey

Three Ways to Give a Probability Assignment a Memory (PDF)
Brian Skyrms

Glymour on Evidence and Explanation (PDF)
Bas C. van Fraassen

Newton's Demonstration of Universal Gravitation and Philosophical Theories of Confirmation (PDF)
Ronald Laymon

Realism and Instrumentalism in Pre-Newtonian Astronomy (PDF)
Michael R. Gardner

Testing Theoretical Hypotheses (PDF)
Ronald N. Giere

The Deductive Model: Does It Have Instances? (PDF)
Henry Kyburg

Retrospective vs. Prospective Testing of Aetiological Hypotheses in Freudian Theory (PDF)
Adolf Gr├╝nbaum

Subjectivity in Psychoanalytic Inference: The Nagging Persistence of Wilhelm Fliess's
Achensee Question
Paul E. Meehl

Consistency Tests in Estimating the Completeness of the Fossil Record: A Neo-Popperian Approach to Statistical Paleontology (PDF)
Paul E. Meehl

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