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Volume XII

Prelims/Index (PDF)

Introduction (PDF)
C. Wade Savage and C. Anthony Anderson

Russell's Reasons for Ramification (PDF)
Warren Goldfarb

Russell's Theory of Logical Types and the Atomistic Hierarchy of Sentences (PDF)
Nino B. Cocchiarella

Russell's Paradox, Russellian Relations, and the Problems of Predication and Impredicativity (PDF)
Herbert Hochberg

The Significance of "On Denoting" (PDF)
Peter Hylton

Russelling Causal Theories of Reference (PDF)
Richard Fumerton

Russell on Indexicals and Scientific Knowledge (PDF)
Janet Farrell Smith

Sense-Data in Russell's Theories of Knowledge (PDF)
C. Wade Savage

Russell's 1913 Theory of Knowledge Manuscript (PDF)
David Pears

The Concept of Structure in The Analysis of Matter (PDF)
William Demopoulos and Michael Friedman

On Induction and Russell's Postulates (PDF)
R. M. Sainsbury

Concepts of Projectability and the Problems of Induction (PDF)
John Earman

Giving up Judgment Empiricism: The Bayesian Epistemology of Bertrand Russell and Grover Maxwell (PDF)
James Hawthorne

Russell on Order in Time (PDF)
C. Anthony Anderson

Cause in the Later Russell (PDF)
Elizabeth R. Eames

Portrait of a Philosopher of Science (PDF)
Kenneth Blackwell

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