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Tables of Contents

  1. Foundations of Science & the Concepts of Psychology and Psychoanalysis
    1956 eds. Herbert Feigl & Michael Scriven.
  2. Concepts, Theories, and the Mind-Body Problem
    1958 eds. Herbert Feigl, Michael Scriven & Grover Maxwell.
  3. Scientific Explanation, Space & Time
    1962 eds. Herbert Feigl & Grover Maxwell.
  4. Theories & Methods of Physics and Psychology
    1970 eds. Michael Radner & Stephen Winokur.
  5. Historical & Philosophical Perspectives of Science
    1970 ed. Roger H. Stuewer.
  6. Induction, Probability, & Confirmation
    1975 eds. Grover Maxwell & Robert M. Anderson, Jr.
  7. Language, Mind, and Knowledge
    1975 ed. Keith Gunderson.
  8. Foundations of Space-Time Theories
    1977 eds. John S. Earman, Clark N. Glymour & John J. Stachel.
  9. Perception & Cognition: Issues in the Foundations of Psychology
    1978 ed. C. Wade Savage.
  10. Testing Scientific Theories
    1983 ed. John S. Earman.
  11. History & Philosophy of Modern Mathematics
    1988 eds. William Aspray & Philip Kitcher.
  12. Rereading Russell: Essays on Bertrand Russell's Metaphysics and Epistemology
    1989 eds. C. Wade Savage & C. Anthony Anderson.
  13. Scientific Explanation
    1989 eds. Philip Kitcher & Wesley C. Salmon.
  14. Scientific Theories
    1990 ed. C. Wade Savage.
  15. Cognitive Models of Science
    1992 ed. Ronald N. Giere.
  16. Origins of Logical Empiricism
    1996 eds. Ronald N. Giere, Alan W. Richardson.
  17. Quantum Measurement: Beyond Paradox
    1998 eds. Richard A. Healey, Geoffrey Hellman.
  18. Logical Empiricism in North America
    2003 eds. Gary Hardcastle, Alan Richardson.
  19. Scientific Pluralism
    2006 eds. Stephen H. Kellert, Helen E. Longino, C. Kenneth Waters.
  20. The Language of Nature: Reassessing the Mathematization of Natural Philosophy in the Seventeenth Century
    2016 eds. Geoffrey Gorham, Benjamin Hill, Edward Slowik, and C. Kenneth Waters.
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