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Sample Contents, vol XV-XXI

Alan C. Love, General Editor

  1. Cognitive Models of Science (PDF)
    1992 ed. Ronald N. Giere.
  2. Origins of Logical Empiricism (PDF)
    1996 eds. Ronald N. Giere, Alan W. Richardson.
  3. Quantum Measurement: Beyond Paradox (PDF)
    1998 eds. Richard A. Healey, Geoffrey Hellman.
  4. Logical Empiricism in North America (PDF)
    2003 eds. Gary Hardcastle, Alan Richardson.
  5. Scientific Pluralism (PDF)
    2006 eds. Stephen H. Kellert, Helen E. Longino, C. Kenneth Waters.
  6. The Language of Nature: Reassessing the Mathematization of Natural Philosophy in the Seventeenth Century (open access)
    2016 eds. Geoffrey Gorham, Benjamin Hill, Edward Slowik, and C. Kenneth Waters.
  7. The Experimental Side of Modeling
    2018 eds. Isabelle F. Peschard and Bas C. van Fraassen
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