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Quantum Measurement: Beyond Paradox

Volume 17: Minnesota Studies in Philosophy of Science

Table of Contents

Geoffrey Hellman

Macroscopic Realism: What is It, and What do We Know About It from Experiment?…1
Anthony J. Leggett

Comments on Leggett's "Macroscopic Realism"…23
Abner Shimony

The Bare Theory has no Clothes…32
Jeffrey Bub, Rob Clifton, and Bradley Monton

"Modal" Interpretations, Decoherence and the Quantum Measurement Problem…52
Richard A. Healey

Interpreting the Existential Interpretation
Andrew Elby

State Preparation in the Modal Interpretation…95
Guido Bacciagaluppi and Meir Hemmo

Expanding the Property Ascriptions in the Modal Interpretation of Quantum Theory…115
Pieter E. Vermaas

Preferred Factorizations and Consistent Property Attribution…144
Dennis Dieks

On the Plurality of Dynamics: Transition Probabilities and Modal Interpretations…160
Michael Dickson

Varieties of Quantum Measurement
William G. Unruh



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