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Logical Empiricism in North America

Volume 18: Minnesota Studies in Philosophy of Science

Table of Contents

Introduction: Logical Empiricism in North America…vii
Alan Richardson and Gary Hardcastle

Logical Empiricism, American Pragmatism, and the Fate of Scientific Philosophy in America…1
Alan Richardson

Two Left Turns Make a Right: On the Curious Political Career of North American Philosophy of Science at Mid-Century…25
Don Howard

Hempel and the Vienna Circle
Michael Friedman

On Herbert Feigl…115
Rudolph Haller

Edgar Zilsel in America
Diedrick Raven

Philip Frank's History of the Vienna Circle: A Programmatic Perspective
Thomas Uebel

Debabelizing Science: The Science of Science Discussion Group, 1940-41
Gary Hardcastle

Disunity in the International Encyclopedia of Unified Science…197
George Reisch

Transfer and Transformation of Logical Empiricism: Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects…216
Friedrich Stadler

The Linguistic Doctrine and Conventionality: The Main Argument in 'Carnap and Logical Truth'
Richard Creath

Languages and Calculi
Thomas Ricketts

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