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Scientific Pluralism

Volume 19: Minnesota Studies in Philosophy of Science

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Pluralist Stance…vii
Stephen H. Kellert, Helen E. Longino, and C. Kenneth Waters

The Many Unities of Science: Politics, Semantics, and Ontology
Alan W. Richardson

Perspectival Pluralism
Ronald N. Giere

Plurality and Complementarity in Quantum Dynamics…42
Michael Dickson

Pluralism and the Foundations of Mathematics…64
Geoffrey Hellman and John L. Bell

Pluralism in Economics…80
Esther-Mirjam Sent

Theoretical Pluralism and the Scientific Study of Behavior…102
Helen E. Longino

A New/Old (Pluralist) Resolution of the Mind-Body Problem
C. Wade Savage

Explanations of the Evolution of Sex: A Plurality of Local Mechanisms… 167
Carla Fehr

A Pluralist Interpretation of Gene-Centered Biology.…190
C. Kenneth Waters

Disciplinary Pluralism for Science Studies…215
Stephen H. Kellert




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