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Language, Mind, and Knowledge

Volume 7: Minnesota Studies in Philosophy of Science

Table of Contents

Languages and Language…3
David Lewis, Princeton University

Logic and Language: An Examination of Recent
Criticisms of Intensionalism…36
Jerrold Katz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Meaning of "Meaning"…131
Hilary Putnam, Harvard University

Reference and Context…194
Charles Chastain, University of Illinois at Chicago Circle

Language, Thought, and Communication…270
Gilbert Harman, Princeton University

Knowledge of Language…299
Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Language, Rules, and Complex Behavior…321
Michael D. Root, University of Minnesota

A Taxonomy of Illocutionary Acts…344
John R. Searle, University of California at Berkeley

On What We Know…370
Zeno Vendler, Rice University

Vendler on Knowledge and Belief…391
Bruce Aune, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Reply to Professor Aune…400
Zeno Vendler, Rice University

Brain Writing and Mind Reading…403
D. C. Dennett, Tufts University


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