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Foundations of Space-Time Theories

Volume 8: Minnesota Studies in Philosophy of Science

Table of Contents

Some Philosophical Prehistory of General Relativity…3
Howard Stein, Columbia University

Indistinguishable Space-Times and the Fundamental Group…50
Clark Glymour, University of Oklahoma

Observationally Indistinguishable Spacetimes: Comments on Glymour's Paper…61
David Malament, University of Chicago

Prediction in General Relativity…81
Robert Geroch, University of Chicago

Time in General Relativity…94
C. J. S. Clarke, University of York

Till the End of Time…109
John Earman, University of Minnesota

The Causal Theory of Space-Time…134
John A. Winnie, Indiana University

Facts, Conventions, and Assumptions in the Theory of Space-Time…206
Lawrence Sklar, University of Michigan

Geometry and Observables…275
Peter G. Bergmann, Syracuse University

The Curvature of Physical Space…281
Wesley C. Salmon, University of Arizona

Absolute And Relational Theories of Space and Space-Time…303
Adolf Grünbaum, University of Pittsburgh

On Space-Time Ontology: Extracts From a Letter to Adolf Grünbaum…374
Howard Stein, Columbia University

Simultaneity in Newtonian Mechanics and Special Relativity…403
Michael Friedman, Occidental College

On Conventionality and Simultaneity—Another Reply…433
Peter A. Bowman, University of Tennessee


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